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Want to make a documentary with us?

Friday 14th July 2017

Pitch your idea for Wireless Docs season two.



We’re excited to announce that The Wireless is now accepting proposals for a second season of Wireless Docs. We’ll be commissioning six new made-for-web documentary films to be released in late 2017.

In season one, we saw stories about struggle against authority, life-changing choices and finding community. The filmmakers experimented with a range of styles, and documented their subjects everywhere from Auckland’s ever-expanding edge to the streets of Bangkok.

Wireless Docs season one playlist:



We’re looking for passionately told New Zealand stories from filmmakers with documentary experience. We’re open to a range of visual treatments from animations, classic expository docs, to reflexive gonzo-style docs and fly-on-the-wall observational works.

The basic info:

  • Budget: $3000 per doc
  • Length: 6-12 mins
  • Proposals due 5pm, Sunday 13 August. 

Download a PDF with all the relevant info here:

We’d also like to congratulate the makers of Medulla Oblongata, Roberto Nascimento and Chillbox Creative, for having their film selected for the North Carolina Gay and Lesbian Film Festival and FotoFilm Tijuana.  

[Updated 7/8/2017 with new submission deadline.]


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