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Want to make a documentary for us?

Monday 28th November 2016

Send us your pitch.



Photo: Joe Hitchcock

As a place where lesser heard voices and offbeat stories can gain a huge audience, the internet is a perfect home for the short documentary film. 

The democratisation of filmmaking tools, combined with high-speed streaming and the ability to connect with viewers worldwide has inspired a host of new documentary platforms – NY Times Op-Docs, Guardian Docs and New Zealand’s own Loading Docs.

Increased connectivity also has the power to resurface lost gems – via sneaky YouTube uploads we now have instant access to rare docos like Dennis O’Rourke’s striking Cannibal Tours, the kind of film that a decade ago you could only hope to view by borrowing it from a film school’s mouldering bootleg VHS library. 

It’s against this backdrop of connected audiences and storytellers that we’re excited to announce that The Wireless is now accepting proposals for a series of six made-for-web documentary films to be released in 2017.

We’re looking for passionately told, New Zealand stories from filmmakers with documentary experience. We’re open to a range of visual treatments from animations, classic expository docs, to reflexive gonzo-style docs and fly-on-the-wall observational works.

Here is the basic info:

  • Budget: $3K per doc
  • Length: 6-12 mins
  • Proposals due 5pm December 12

Download a PDF with the complete submission details.

To celebrate this announcement (and burden you with dreams) we’ve selected five of our favourite web-docs. Enjoy.

‘Transgender, at War and in Love’ – This short documentary shares the challenges of a transgender military couple, who are banned from serving openly.


‘Blood Sugar’ – Four-year-old Dahlia relives the day she was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.


‘I think this is the closest to how the footage looked’ – A man brings objects to life in a struggle to recreate the lost memory of his mother's last day.


‘Desert Fire’ – Football’s world cup for unrecognised territories is viewed through the eyes of the manager and players of one of the most fascinating teams, Iraqi Kurdistan


‘Aotearoa Now’ – A meditative journey into the New Zealand landscape.

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